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Our children have gone onto take a variety of exams. Most will take the Bexley and Kent 11+ exams, but many also complete admissions tests for other top grammar and independent secondary schools.

Yes. We run very realistic mocks tests to fully prepare your child for their real exam.

This will depend on your child’s year group. Year 5 have a weekly 2 hour session, Year 4 a weekly 1.5 hour session and Year 3 and under have a weekly 1 hour session. However we also set weekly homework and provide other resources that your child should complete outside of the lessons.

We offer additional courses outiside of term time, such as a week long creative writing intensive or a summer course over the summer holidays before their exams. These are highly recommended and allow the students to continue their learning in a fun and interactive environment.

Working as a group allows children to share ideas and push themselves to keep up with each other. We have found that having classmates of a similar ability usually drives our children to improve, as they want to overtake their competition, just as it would be if they were in a classroom at school.

Our lessons combine both independent working as well as a lot of group work. We tend to ask the children to explain their answers verbally so that we can ensure that they engaging in the lesson and understanding the content. This blended style of learning keeps the children engaged and on their toes.

Interaction is actively encouraged with no child being left out regardless of ability

We do offer online tutoring. It is a fantastic option for busy parents and students and draws on the vast experience of our nationwide network of excellent tutors.

Our lessons are indeed live and lively! Tutors fully engage their sStudents Our teaching, which allows us to deliver live and interactive sessions.

Our track record demonstrates that online learning is extremely effective our students are frquently selected for entry into some of the top schools in the country. The flexibility of online tutition also allows your child to work around other extra-curricular activities whilst maintaining a high level of attendance at our lessons.

Yes. Once you sign up we will provide a list of resources as well as workbooks for your child to work on in their own time.

We expect every child to complete their homework and it is in your child’s best interest to do so.

Yes. Weekly homework is set.

We provide parents with feedback regarding their child’s progress, written indiviually by their tutor each lesson.

A full set of T&C and payment schedule is provided before you sign up. This will outline how and when you must pay for classes.

We do not provide free trials due to high demand. You will need to book an appraisal class before your child can fully register