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How And When To Prepare Your Child For The 11+ Exam

This is a great question and as an Eleven Plus tutor, it is a question that I am frequently asked. Many parents are concerned that they may be starting their child’s 11 Plus preparation too late. They are concerned about leaving it all to the last minute. Doing so could result in putting too much […]


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Ultimate Guide To Preparing For The 11 Plus Exam

Is the 11 Plus exam season fast approaching and you still have questions about how best to prepare your child? Fortunately, there is a lot of readily accessible information out there for interested parents. But with the overwhelming amount of information, it is so easy to get lost in the process. Busy schedules packed with […]


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How To Make Maths Fun

Have you been thinking of better ways to teach your child maths? Perhaps it was a teacher’s note about your child’s maths grade; or maybe it was the signs of disinterest in counting and problem solving that made you worry. Homework has been a struggle to keep up with. And no matter how many times […]


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10 Great Books for 8 to10 Year Olds

Despite today’s technology advancements, reading is still one of the best methods of preparation for the 11 Plus exam. Children who are preparing for their 11+ exams are recommended to read books for 8 to 10 year olds with reading material that is suitable for their current level. The ultimate key to developing your child’s […]


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6 Ways To Help Your Child Improve Reading Comprehension

There was a time when children had their noses buried in books rather than iPads, computers or video game consoles. Although there’s nothing wrong with getting them into becoming more technologically advanced, there are now a ton of distractions that keep them from actually reading a book. Bedtime stories may sound like a probable idea […]


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